We offer several forms of consulting, all tailored to the situation of the company and the needs of departing employees.

» Outplacement „Professionals/Executives“
This individual program is adjusted to the personal needs of the candidates and provides them with a competitive edge in the job-market. We help the candidates to manage their new situation in life. We assist themto not only appraise their skills and opportunities realistically, but also to take full advantage of existing contacts in a professional way and to present their unique personalities competently and successfully to the market.   › details

» Outplacement „Market Readiness“
This program can be utilised for individual or group outplacement. We prepare the candidates for their professional application campaigns by analyzing their personal situations in life, creating personality profiles and CV's, defining their career objectives, performing interview video training sessions and providing access to databases of recruitment consultants.   › details

» Coaching and career management
In face to face discussions, on the basis by professional experience and training, individual methods are used for personal advancement and for the solution of questions. Occasions are each form of the change, crises, and re-orientation or for the discussion of delicate topics or questions of substance   › details 

» Workshop „Successful Job-search - Today“
In our 1 day workshop, candidates learn the basics of successful career re-orientation. They learn how to analyze and define their knowledge base and experience and how to define their career objectives. They also learn how to chart their way through the labor market. 

» Workshop „Giving Notice of Termination to Employees“ (Notification Training)
We train managers how to to best go about giving notice of termination to employees who are to be made redundant or have their employment terminated for other reasons.  We advise on the formulation of such discussions and how to cope with this most unpleasant task. 

» Assistance to Headcount Reduction Projects
We assist companies with the professional planning and implementing of staff reduction programs. The training, tailored to the needs of the company and the affected employees, ensures social responsibility as well as the peace of mind of the retained employees who should then be able to accept the changes more easily.

Fees and costs of consulting