from the company's perspective

From a corporate perspective Outplacement is the logical extension of your employer branding activities. It helps to place positive signals and by in, during the separation process as an employer and provides sustainable positive image creation. Professional off-boarding makes it easier for you to delight in the future the best workers and to win them.

A positive approach to separation serves as a showcase for taking over social responsibility and also sends positive signals internally. In difficult times, and during change processes, you can set an example for existing employees and thereby ensure efficiency and productivity. The remaining employees will feel an operational change as less threatening and may continue to pursue their tasks calm and focused. We are happy to support managers and decision-makers in the planning and implementation of professional management separation.

And of course, we rely on years of experience (link) and on quality: as a member of the "Association of Career Firms Europe", Brussels, we are subject to both a "Code of Ethics" and stringent quality standards.