• Outplacement experts

    Outplacement as a backup and support for former employees and as a strategic tool to increase image and efficiency.

  • Separation management as an employer

    A positive approach towards separations is used as an indication for the application of social responsibility and sends positive sign to the organization. During difficult times, or in change processes, you give a symbol to employees which will improve efficiency and productivity.

  • Accompaniment during change

    You, as an employee, use our Outplacement-Offer. You have the unique opportunity to be accompanied by an external consultant to be best prepared for the next step in your career.


We offer several forms of consulting, all tailored to the situation of the company and the needs of departing employees. More info


During an initial meeting without obligation, the candidate will be informed about the purpose, content, procedureand potential of our outplacement services. More info

Team members

A wide range of industry experience to your success is waiting for you. The team is working interdisciplinary and with our successful methodology you can expect the same high consulting standards from each team member. In each case we provide individual care and support to our clients. Based on demands, specialists from the team will be consulted. More info

Outplacement Experts

Outplacement as assistance and support for former employees and as a strategic tool to enhance image and efficiency.

We prefer periods of expansion and construction, but sometime we all - staff, HR and management – face situations where individual employees or groups of employees have to leave the company. Regardless, whether market conditions, restructuring or other reasons are the trigger - professional outplacement creates a win-win situation for both parties.

If you as an employee have to leave your company, we will accompany you as external consultant in the separation process and on your way to a new job or even your own businesses. Through professional career advice you get the ideal support for your next career move! More info

From a business perspective outplacement can provide in many ways a true strategic value and competitive advantage: the image effect achieved by an employer (employer branding) can highlight your social responsibility. Not least, in addition, a positive approach to exert a significant internal separation by example and in major change projects is a major efficiency drive. More info