During an initial meeting without obligation, the candidate will be informed about the purpose, content, procedureand potential of our outplacement services. At the same time, the candidate and consultant get to know each other and decide what further steps should be taken. Outplacement starts only after the explicit agreement of the candidate and an instruction from the client company. 

The outplacement process comprises 4 phases:

1. During the "Preparation Phase" strengths and potentials of the candidate are flushed out and personal strategies are developed. Support documentation for job applications is also prepared.

2. The "Objectives Phase" maps out the direction of the candidate's future career: Re-employment or self-employment? What branches or functions should be targeted? Are they realistic, given the constraints of the current job market? The answers will lead to a clear profile of the potential position(s).

3.  The "Focus Phase" is aimed at finding positions and sending out applications. Vacant positions are found through advertisements, internet, databases, recruitment consultants and networks. Candidates write vacancy oriented applications based on anticipated positions.

4.  The "Decision Phase" begins when invitations are received for interviews. To prepare for the interview, interview questions and strategies are discussed. Interview training and/or video training is provided to analyze verbal expression and body language. Employment contracts offered are evaluated carefully. Now the new job can start.  

   Outplacement Service Content:




    1. Preparation Phase:                                                                                 

Compile a career survey



Analyse personal situation in life



Personality analysis – strengths and weaknesses



Compile personality profile



Prepare an appropriate CV



Prepare German version of "Lebenslauf"



Draft references


    2. Objectives Phase:                                                                

Clarify: Employed or self-employed



Coaching towards establishing objectives



Definition of objectives: branch and function



Remuneration analysis


    3. Focus Phase:                                                                                             

Definition of objectives: Work place



Job search in the open market



Search via personnel recruitment consultants



Personnel recruitment databases



Search through networking


Databases of target companies



Approach target companies: Write applications


   4. Decision Phase:                                                                        

Questions and presentation at the interview



Interview training with video



Evaluation of job offers



Evaluation of employment contracts offered



Conclusion of employment contract with celebration